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Are You Reverse Alert?

On average, Eight Children Every Year across Australia Die in a Home Driveway Runover, and at least Three Children per Week are Injured. (Source: Kidsafe)

In the majority of cases, the vehicle is reversing and is being driven by the victims parent or close friend of the family who is not aware the child has run behind the vehicle.

Reverse Alert is activated when the driver selects reverse gear. This automatically switches on the unit and activates the sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle.


If the sensor detects an obstruction behind the vehicle an alarm sounds, alerting not only the driver but also anyone in the vicinity of the potential imminent danger.

If the vehicle continues to reverse toward the obstruction, Reverse Alert automatically applies the vehicles brakes, stopping the vehicle.

The system has been developed to be a superior alternative to existing reversing sensors and should be commercially available later this year. Working units have been installed on a variety of vehicles already, and the system is entering the final stage before it is officially launched.

For a demonstration of Reverse Alert in action, press Play on the videos above.